2001-2003   Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Printmaking

2002   Study Abroad Program, Japan
Wintersession, The Rhode Island School of Design

2002   Palazzo Cenci, Rhode Island School of Design, Rome, Italy
Painting and Art History Study Program

1998-2001   College of Art, New Delhi, India, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting (transferred to Rhode Island School of Design)

1999   Pont Aven School of Art, Brittany, France
Summer course: Printmaking and Experimental Works on Paper

2009   The Geometry of Error, Gallery Espace, New Delhi  
2007   Anecdote, Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise, New Delhi  
2006   [Drawings and Prints] , Triveni Gallery, New Delhi
2003   Lucent, Benson Hall Gallery, Rhode Island, USA  
2002   Vaaz, Benson Hall Gallery, Rhode Island, USA  
2009   Re-visioning Materiality II, Gallery Espace, New Delhi  
2009   On Canvas, Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi  
2008   PLACE, Anant Art Gallery, Delhi  
2008   India Art Summit 2008, Pragati Maidan, Delhi  
2008   Keep drawing! Gallery Espace, Delhi  
2008   Ethos 4, Indigo Blue Art Gallery, Singapore  
2008   Art Dubai, Gallery Espace, Dubai
2007   Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York  
2007   Art in step, Gallerie Ganesha  
2007   Surface and Textures, Gallery Espace and Ganges Art, Kolkata  
2007   High on Art, Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi  
2007   Portfolio show at Southern Graphics Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, USA  
2006   India on Canvas, Auction and Exhibition  
2006   Multiplicity and the Self,, Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi  
2006   Footprints – Women in printmakingGallery Chemould, Mumbai - Colab Art and Architecture, Bangalore, and WelcomArt Gallery, Vadodra  
2006   17/03, at ABS Lanxess Gallery, Vadodara, Gujrat  
2005   Blur, Montecastello Art Gallery, Montecastello, Italy  
2005   Imaging Materiality, Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi  
2004   Navsar, Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Center, Delhi  
2003   Arches Annual Print Exhibition, A Juried exhibition
808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2002   Roma, Palazzo Cenci, Rome, Italy  
2001   Print Matrix: Print Media Exhibition
Fine Arts Gallery, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.
1999   Scapes, Gauguin Gallery, Pont Aven, Brittany, France  
2007   Artist in Residence, Indo-French Residency Programme  
2007   Painting and mixed media residency, School Visual Arts, New York
2006   Annual RPG art camp, Marve, Mumbai  
2006   Learning Center, Art Instructor, Kusumpur-pahari, New Delhi  
2005   Artist in Residence at International School of Painting,
Drawing and Sculpture, Montecastello, Umbria, Italy
2002   Assistant Instructor, Monotype Printmaking
Printmaking Department, The Rhode Island School of Design, U.S.A.
2006   Atelier 2221, Intaglio, Relief and Lithography Workshop
by - master printmaker, Devraj Dakoji, New Delhi
2003   Awarded Student of the Year, Printmaking
Rhode Island School of Design, USA
2002   G. W. Hodge Ritchie Award for Excellence in Printmaking, USA  
(c) Copyright Text by Roobina Karode, Art Critic
  Mekhala Bahl indulges the seemingly arbitrary and revels in embedding inscrutable marks and forms within her painted gestures. Her works represent extracts from the everyday, which appear independent of overt imagery and similitude. It is in a mode of intensified expression that Mekhala captures precious moments of wonder and adventure. In fact, she repackages the tangible world with ideographs, signs and traces of observed reality.

Unstructured and floating, her created world is open to instantaneous suggestion. Anonymous lines and shapes seem to record moments of discovery while traversing space, caught, as if in a dreamy moment.
Works by Mekhala Bahl
(c) Copyright Text by Latika Gupta, Art historian and curator
  Mekhala Bahl trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, after which she returned to India in 2003 to pursue her individual art practice.

Mekhala has never restricted herself to single techniques or media. She has worked with materials as diverse as glass, wood, silk, paper, plastic and quilting. Her technical oeuvre extends from block -printing, etching and lithography, to drawing, painting or simply marks scratched on to the matrix. Mekhala creates endless possibilities; blurring and divesting watertight categories of their legitimacy in her art making. The scale of her work too, ranges from small intimate images to vast canvases, neither, adhering to practiced formulae.